Alessandro Scarlatti. Das kompositorische Schaffen

Cover Analecta Musicologica 56

Sicilian-born composer Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725) worked mainly in Rome and Naples, with great success. His music was also appreciated in other parts of Italy, and Scarlatti's varied and extensive oeuvre had a formative influence on the country’s musical culture around the year 1700. This volume presents Scarlatti's contribution to compositional genres relevant to his time using a variety of methodological approaches. Not only "internal musical" factors are analysed, but also commissioning and compositional processes, as well as Scarlatti's contacts with cultural figures of the time, are included in the analysis as key factors. In this way, a comprehensive panorama of his tradition-oriented yet innovative and pioneering compositional work unfolds.

Analecta musicologica

56: Sabine Ehrmann-Herfort/Gerhard Kuck (Eds.), Alessandro Scarlatti. Das kompositorische Schaffen, Kassel et al.: Bärenreiter 2024 (495 pp.), ISBN 978-3-7618-2141-1.