MovItalia. Perspectives for Music Research in Italy

"MovItalia. Perspectives for Music Research in Italy" is a cooperation project between the German Historical Institute (DHI) in Rome and the Gesellschaft für Musikforschung. It is a mailing list to promote communication and information about the unique music research opportunities related to Italy. For one, the data platform is aimed at gathering information, it shows research and career perspectives and also serves as a professional networking space for students and scholars at all career levels, who share an interest in both music and Italy on an international scale. The project was launched by Prof. Dr. Sabine Meine and Dr. Carolin Krahn in spring 2021; the student assistant at the DHI is Elena Maria Artisi, B.A. It is currently supported by Dr. Vera Grund.
Contact: movitalia(at)dhi-roma(dot)it

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